Monday, August 30, 2010

PlayStation 3 Media Server on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I was looking for a guide on how to install PMS (PlayStation Media Server) on my Macbook Pro, but after hours of searching I found nothing. The reason for this is that it turned out to be so simple that no guide should be needed. However, if you're in the same situation as me, here are some tips, or rather a short HowTo on installing and running PMS on Mac OS X (proved to work with Snow Leopard at least).

1. Download the latest beta of PMS here.
2. Turn on both your Mac and your PS3.
3. Connect to the same network, wired or wireless.
4. On your PS3, go to "Settings" -> "Network Settings" -> "Media Server Connection" and make sure this option is "Enabled".
5. Run PS3 Media Server on your Mac and wait for it to connect to your PS3.

I'll keep the list short and simple, if you need further help or encounter any issues I suggest browsing the PMS forums :D This is where you should look for help on how to use PMS as well.