Monday, November 5, 2012

How to avoid paying for medielicens

NOTE: This article is no longer actively maintained. Until the media license is fully removed, it is unlikely that anything will change and the information below should be good for you to use. Please do not contact me for specific questions. Everything you need to know is stated below:

This guide will explain how to not pay for the media license issued by Danmarks Radio (or DR), it is basically a translation of this guide, intended to help my fellow international students at the IBA save some money on a stupid fee they, of all people in Danmark, have absolutely no use of.

Some facts:
DR has no legal rights or the ability to force you to pay the fee.
DR can NOT see whether you have a TV, internet, smartphone or cable-TV package (except by visual observation - looking through your windows).
DR does not record conversations (phone or in person), as this is illegal. Unless they state this at the very beginning of the conversation in which case you can simply say: "No comments".

Q: DR sent me a bill, should I pay it?
A: No, not if you did not sign up for the media license yourself. Simply put the bill in the trashcan. Their system relies on people paying out of blind fear for the system. Then go and unsubscribe from the media license.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the media license?
A: Go HERE. DR is bound to respect your unsubscription.

Q: Can I be forced to pay the fee for months already gone by?
A: In principle yes. DR has to prove that you were obliged to pay the fee, which they can not unless you yourself told them that you should have.

Q: What do I tell the inspector if he shows up at my apartment?
A: They have no legal right to access your home, consider them a private person. Tell them that you are not subject to paying the fee and never have been. (Note: If you open the door and they can see a smartphone, TV, radio or similar - see next question).

Q: What if DR signs me up after visiting or being in contact with me?
A: DR has stopped accepting emails on the usual address, I recommend using solution 2, but you can also use number 1.

Solution 1: for cancelling DR Medielicins

Go to and fill out the form like in the picture on the right.

Solution 2: for being a pain in the ass of DR

If they sign you up, you can easily avoid paying by emailing them at "" all of the following emailadresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,

The letter could sound like the following:
"Dear DR.

I am sorry to be using this address, but "" is no longer available and I am unsure how to contact you. Please see to it that this message is forwarded to the right people.

I have been contacted by you on the Xth of Month, where I explained that I was not subject to the license fee. Yet you have, against my will and the law, signed me up for the media license. I request that you forfeit your claim against me, and I request access to ("aktindsigt i") my license case, so I can have an overview of the reasons for the faulty sign up. Remember to respect the time frame for "aktindsigt" as specified in "forvaltningsloven".
Best regards Name".

After this they will hopefully remove your subscription as they have no proof of your obligation to pay the fee.

Q: Why do I ask for access to my license case ("Aktinsigt").
A: "Aktindsigt" is a right you have according to "forvaltningsloven", to see what is recorded about you, whenever a public authority is treating a case in which you are involved. In relation to DR, this is the legal tool to use to make them say that they have no proof that you should pay the fee. This request should in principle be answered within 10 workdays (2 weeks). This is the key to have them unsubscribe you, because they know they have no proof.

Q: What consequences will it have for me to unsubscribe from the media license, even though I have TV/Smartphone/Internet/Cable-TV?
A: None other than they can sign you up again. There are no fees and DR does not require you to pay for months gone by.

Enjoy not having to pay the media license anymore!