Monday, September 10, 2012

Google Drive and DropBox sync

So for some time I have had the issue that my documents were on my Google Docs because that was the best way to share and collaborate on note taking for school, and all the materials we used were on DropBox because it could be on my computer and phone at the same time. I've been wondering about a solution that could combine the benefits of the two, so that come exams, I wouldn't have to download all my Google Docs and not be able to edit them in an exam situation (because I do that so that they're up-to-date for later exams). Anyways, a solution provided itself with the release of Google Drive, which also has a desktop application, just like DropBox.

It is, in its core, very simple.
1. Install Google Drive
2. Install DropBox
3. Put the DropBox folder into your Google Drive folder

It's that simple, and you can of course do it the other way around as well, putting your Google Drive into your DropBox folder.

Enjoy seamless syncing across devices!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beware of Speck Computer Cases!

Together with my Macbook Pro I got myself a case as well (via the Apple online store) as I am very particular about my electronics, and always have screen covers and hard cover cases etc. for everything, ensuring that once I am done with them, they are in perfect shape for resale. Example with my latest acquisition, my iPhone 4S: I did not leave the store until it had a piece of plastic on the screen and a hard plastic cover on the back. Sure the screen is less smooth and the phone itself is less physically appealing, but it stays protected!

For a long time I was very happy about my Speck case except that it didn't fit perfectly on the bottom part of my MBP. One day the upper left corner (near the powerplug) broke and the case would not stay on anymore, fair, that is why my computer had a case anyways.

I took off the case since it was loose anyways, and saw that the rear of MBP had A LOT of small indents and pokes everywhere. After some thinking and reapplying the case I noticed that this could only be from tiny tiny pebbles or sand, that would have been stuck under the case, and once the computer was put on a table, they would press against the computer, and and make these little holes in the bottom of it's aluminium casing.

This has meant that my MBP which would have dropped only a little in price in comparison to when I purchased it, will be reduced to a mere 20-30% of it's original price since it is no longer flawless, but instead has severe physical damage to it's outer side. For an investment of 303 DKK (50 USD), supposed to insure that my MBP stayed protected, this was a very bad choice. Since without the case, this would never have happened, with the little pebbles simply never getting to be pressed against the computer under normal use like they were with the case.

To be honest I am disappointed with Speck and would under no circumstance recommend anyone to use any of your cases for their computers, but instead simply keep the computer in a sleeve instead, when not in use.

To be fair, the screen cover works perfectly and to this day is still on my Mac, so from my experience it is safe to use, but the bottom part - STAY AWAY FROM IT!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to set up your IBA email account on your iPhone

To help out my fellow students at the IBA, here's a short 5-step guide on how to set up your IBA email on your iPhone, with pictures!

Go to Settings, and tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Tap "Add Account..."

Choose "Microsoft Exchange" (2nd from the top on the picture below).

Now enter your credentials as below, note that the "Server" line will not show up until you tap "Next". It will give you an error message, then enter the server as below, and tap next again.
Note: You can write whatever you want in the "Description", this will be the name that shows up in the overview (picture 1).

Now choose what you want to sync with the server. "Mail" must be on in order for you to read your school emails on your phone and synchronizing "Calendars" will allow you to see your schedule in your calendar on your iPhone. "Contacts" and "Reminders" are both optional.

And that's it, your iPhone will now display your schedule and you will receive emails from the IBA directly on your iPhone.