Friday, November 23, 2018

Why is Article 13 a good thing? Positives about The European Parliaments new position on this matter

So everyone is making videos about why Article 13 is a bad thing and I understand all the negatives if things proceed as proclaimed, but what if goes through and we have to live in this new world where it becomes reality, what positives can we expect, if any?

Noone does anything without a reason and surely there will be someone who will be happy, who are they?

Positives about Article 13

  1. "Creators" get paid more for their content
  2. "The Law" can more easily control content
Alright that was a rather short list, please let me know if you can think of more.

These jobs, companies and institutions benefit from Article 13

In one way or another, the below will benefit from something in Article 13:
  • Artists
  • Journalists
  • Musicians
  • Performers
  • Script authors
  • Publishers
(Suggest more in the comments please)

Why Article 13? Who needs this?

(I can't believe this is relevant) When US President Donald Drumpf talks about the corrupt media, he is also pointing at the industry which would benefit from something such as Article 13. What stands out to me in the list above is that one way or another, everything is covered by the umbrella-term "Media".

"Old Media" in general stands to benefit, while their biggest competitors, the companies who will now be illegally using content, will face huge losses.

This is a war about who is "The Media"; between "Old Media" and "New Media".

Mass communication - controlling peoples

Good marketing is changing. People have been "going to the club" (reading newspapers, watching TV, etc.) for as long as current powers know. With the introduction of "dance classes" (YouTube, Facebook), we see a shift in who The Media is. Old is using one of their most powerful tools, legislation, to stay in power. New is fighting back by raising the pitchforks.

As for my opinion

This is VHS vs. CD, DVD vs. BluRay, Radio vs. TV, Blockbuster vs. Netflix or simply "Old vs New". It seems pointless to argue any further than that as to what will win in the end. This is part of the bumpy ride. Either you're as cool as Bass Reeves, just learn from it and get better at playing the game, whatever the rules or... You're less cool and history forgets about you.

Let me hear from you!

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below please, I am curious as to what you have to say!