Monday, November 25, 2013

Your employees are not 'good'.

If I've learned anything from watching Campbell Live last night, paraphrasing Early Childhood Educators' unintentional statements with deep profound meanings to managerial staff across the globe, it is that one should never praise an employee for being good. (Huh?)
When you provide feedback to anyone in life, be specific. In ECE the application was that usually, if a child remembered to put the seat down after going to the toilet, you'd say: "Good girl." Which is correct but you never know what's going on in their tiny heads, so she might be thinking: "Cool, I was good for peeing on the floor." and so both parties will go along with their merry days, with the educator getting more and more frustrated that someone is ALWAYS peeing on the bathroom floor...

Be specific. Instead tell the child: "Good that you put the seat down." - BANG! No misunderstandings possible.

This too applies for managers, in any environment: Be specific about why you are thanking people.