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Mega Man X for iPhone Guide - All Achievements and Upgrades

Get all Mega Man X Achievements on the iPhone including Hadoken.
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Mega Man X for iPhone
Wondering how to complete all the challenges? Well, just read here. This guide is specifically made for Mega Man X for iPhone, for guides to other versions of Mega Man and Mega Man X, I recommend using Google!

A very short review of the game
I loved this game for SNES and had to get it. I still love it. The controls are so-so, decent for a touch-based interface. The game is easier to make up for this (e.g. monsters don't respawn). Some things have changed however, mechanic-wise, which is not good (the route of the Boomerang Cutter is different). All in all a good game with terrible controls.
Worth it? I think so. If you like 2D-sidescrolling pew-pew madness this is something for you.

Before you start...
One thing to keep in mind when working on gathering up achievements is, that when you got it, you got it. Same goes for collecting items. So when you have gotten what you came for in a specific stage, you can safely exit to the stage select and save the game.

Clearing the Stages

Achievements: Intro Stage Reclaimed, Snowy Fields Reclaimed, Power Plant Reclaimed, Energy Mine Reclaimed, Oceanic Base Reclaimed, Fortress Tower Reclaimed, Forest Base Reclaimed, New-Type Airport Reclaimed, Weapons Plant Reclaimed, Sigma's Palace Pt. 1, Sigma's Palace Pt. 2, Sigma's Palace Pt. 3, Sigma's Palace Pt. 4

These achievements are fairly easy to get and also award the least points. Don't worry about these as you will get them as you progress throughout the game. In the bottom of this guide you will find a short strategy guide to each boss, to help you defeat these.
Clearing all stages (including the last Sigma Stage) and saving will not prevent you from going back and using that same profile to complete achievements.

Collecting the Parts
Achievements: 100-yard Dash!, Tough Guy, Hard-Headed, Unstoppable Firepower

Gathering these achievements, must to some degree be done in a specific order. The optimal order is to do take the dash first (Chill Penguin Stage), then go for the helmet (Storm Eagle Stage), now you can take the X-Buster (Flame Mammoth Stage) and the Armor Upgrade (Sting Chameleon Stage). This is because it is impossible to get the X-Buster upgrade with Helmet and Boots, and the Armor does not matter that much (reduces damage taken by 50%).
Once you get an upgrade, you got it (on that save), so after claiming each upgrade you can safely exit the stage and do another if you wish to collect all the upgrades before you complete the stages.

Easiest to get upgrade, go to the Chill Penguin Stage and complete it as you would normally, once you enter the cave and climb past the spinning wheels and bats, you meet a capsule, take it and voila.
If you do not wish to get the shoes, you have to first talk to the man, and then jump over the capsule.

In the Storm Eagle Stage, after the part with the floating platforms you must jump across, you will meet a tall metal pole, jump to the top of it, and slide down the other side. Jump off the platform at the bottom and reach the one to the right, go in and collect your price. You can now destroy rocks with a nice head-butt. This ability, together with dash, is required to collect the X-Buster upgrade.

Weapon Upgrade location
Go to Flame Mammoth Stage, the first time you encounter the yellow platform with flames shooting up from underneath, you want to turn around and dash-jump off the yellow platform to the left as far as possible. Then with your helmet, head-butt the blocks and jump up till you see the capsule, collect your prize! Don't worry if you accidentally fall off after destroying a few blocks, it's still possible to get up there, even after destroying them all (this was not true for the original version of Mega Man X).

In the Sting Chameleon Stage, you will after a few black-outs see a huge chunk of rocks on the right, here, jump up and go right. Eventually you will fight a miniboss. The easiest way to defeat him is to simply shoot him in the head with the X-Buster, and when he jumps, dash all the way to the other side, jump and shoot again, when he jumps, dash back to the spawning point, jump and shoot and so on. Repeat until he dies. When the miniboss is dead, a capsule will appear, claim your prize and move on.

Getting Insured
Achievements: Insurance Plan A, Insurance Plan B, Insurance Plan C, Insurance Plan D

It does not matter in which order you collect these, however, one requires an upgrade, the other a weapon.

The first one I collect is in the Storm Eagle stage. When you meet the rotating turret on a platform that moves up, shoot it, and take the platform up, shoot the glass and go right, kill the robot, go right, collect the Subtank.

The second one is found in the Flame Mammoth stage and require you to have the boots upgrade. The first area with flames shooting from the ground and miners throwing their pickaxes at you, jump to the top left platform. From here, dash and jump to the left. You will see a wall of breakable bricks. Jump on them till they break and collect the Subtank.

The third one is found in the Armored Armadillo stage, first time you drop down in a whole and a bulldozer chases you, run until it dies, go back to where it came from and collect the Subtank. Alternately, slide down the wall until the bulldozer starts moving, then jump up and wait until it has passed, then you can drop down and kill it or just go and collect your prize and wait for it to die.

The last one is in the Spark Mandrill stage and requires the Boomerang Cutter. In the beginning of the level, move down and right as much as you can, and then when standing closest to the last wall you reach, jump and fire the Boomerang Cutter. This should collect the Subtank.

Acing the Hearts
Achivements: Ace of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts, 5 of Hearts, 6 of Hearts, 7 of Hearts, 8 of Hearts

Each of the Maverick stages contains a Health Boost heart. In the order that I normally collect them:

Flame Mammoth Stage
In the area with the flame from the bottom and the miners throwing pickaxes, on the bottom level, move all the way to the right, collect your heart.

Chill Penguin Stage - Requires Fire Wave Weapon Upgrade
On top of the platform you meet after finding the first robot, destroy the bunkers using the Fire Wave weapon. You can get there either by jumping in the robot and then exiting it and jump up onto the "roof" of the cave, or walk through the cave and jump up there normally.

Spark Mandrill Stage - Requires Boots Upgrade or Boomerang Cutter
The first ladder you meet that leads to the remaining part of the level, jump up on the right side wall, dash jump away from the wall and up onto the platform and collect the heart. Alternately you can jump and use the Boomerang Cutter.

Storm Eagle Stage - Requires Boots Upgrade
In the first map, on the highest left-most point of the elevator, dash-jump to the left. Collect your heart.

Launch Octopus Stage
When you find the second whirlpool that leads up to a submarine, jump up and onto it. Shoot the glass "eye" until it falls down, let yourself fall down with it. Walk right, defeat the worm, go to the right and collect the heart.

Armored Armadillo Stage
The second time you jump down and face a bulldozer, kill it (with auto-fire cheat this goes fast), move right until you meet a platform, jump up there and collect the heart. You can easily see it.

Sting Chameleon Stage - Requires Boots Upgrade
Before the cave, where the miniboss entrance is right above you, slide down the wall instead. Here you will see a wall of breakable bricks. Break it, go as far right as you can, then dash-jump to the right onto a platform and collect the heart.

Boomer Kuwanger Stage - Requires Boomerang Cutter or Shotgun Ice+Boots Upgrade+Weapon Upgrade
You can't miss the location of this heart when walk through the stage, and you need to complete it before you can collect the heart. Use the Boomerang Cutter to collect it.
On the SNES, this could also be collected using a fully charged Shotgun Ice shot with the weapon upgraded, to make a skateboard, and from that, dash jump out and up onto the platform. However, it's not that easy with the touch controls so I haven't gotten around doing it on my own iPhone sadly.

Boss Weaknesses
Achievements: Emperor of Ice, Tsar of Electricity, General Steel, Captain of the Seas, Demon of Dimensions, Master of the Forest, Prince of the Skies, Oligarch of Oil, Wall of Terror, Carnivorous Tank, Loyal Wolf, End of an Era, Dawn of Destiny.
Use the below listed weapons of choice to defeat the bosses and obtain the achievements.
NOTE: It is only the LAST shot that counts, so beating the bosses with a different weapon and then finishing them off with their weakness will still grant you the achievement.
NOTE: You do not have to gather these achievements during your first run through of the Maverick bosses, you will face them all again during the Sigma parts and can kill them here (so you don't have to go back and redo bosses).
Boss Weakness
Flame Mammoth
Storm Tornado
Chill Penguin
Fire Wave
Spark Mandrill
Shotgun Ice
Armored Armadillo
Electric Spark
Launch Octopus
Rolling Shield
Boomer Kuwanger
Homing Torpedo
Sting Chameleon
Boomerang Cutter
Storm Eagle
Chameleon Sting
Homing Torpedo
Maverick Spider
Shotgun Ice
Rangda Bangda
Chameleon Sting
Maverick Tank
Boomerang Cutter
Shotgun Ice
Electric Spark
Sigma's Final Form
Rolling Shield

Obtaining and using the Hadoken (Hadouken)
Achievement: Hadoken!
Getting your hands on the most powerful weapon in the game is quite simple, in comparison to the original: Gather all 8 Health Boosts, all 4 Subtanks, all 4 body upgrades and kill all 8 Maverick bosses. Basically, complete everything up until Sigma.
Then go to Armored Armadillo stage, and on the last wagon (the 3rd one), charge up for a super shot, release it while you in the middle of the screen, shoot some small shots to kill the birds ahead of you, and once the wagon is in free air and reaches its highest point, dash jump off to the right, jump up and take the Hadoken upgrade.
To use Hadoken, Press Down -> Left or Right -> Fire
NOTE: To be able to use Hadoken you MUST have full life.
HINT: An easy way to fire Hadoken is by sliding your finger the down button towards the middle of the screen really quick and then click fire. Remember that the down button dashes towards your target, so don't stand too close when trying to fire this weapon.

Other Achievements
Achievements: Bubbly Bat, Flashy Firefly, Whirlpool Stopper, Oil Well Sealer, Daring Collector, Merciful Hunter, Heartless Hunter, Nimble-Footed, Will to Live, Nerves of Steel, Item Hater, Unlimited Potential, Maverick Hunter, Speed Demon, S-A Class Hunter.

While most of these are self-explanatory from the list of achievements in the Game Center, some of them are not.

Bubbly Bat
In the Armored Armadillo Stage, instead of taking the mining carts (one-wheeled thing with spikes in the ends), walk. You will meet a big black bat, kill it, and you will receive your reward for killing the Batton M-501.

Flashy Firefly
In the Spark Mandrill Stage, in the area where the light flashes and those flies cross the screen illuminating a path behind them, that's a Hotarion. Kill one of these to get the achievement. Walk through this area a second time once you have learned when and where they spawn (always the same places).

Whirlpool Stopper - Requires Boomerang Cutter
Shoot at Launch Ocotopus with the Boomerang Cutter until his trunk falls off.

Oil Well Sealer - Requires Boomerang Cutter
Shoot at Flame Mammoth with the Boomerang Cutter until his trunk falls off.

Daring Collector - Requires Weapon Upgrade+Chameleon Sting
In Sigma's Palace, Pt. 3, when you get to a long row of spikes with items on top, charge up for an upgraded shot of Chameleon Sting, this will allow you to take no damage when you walk across the spikes and collect the items.

Merciful Hunter
Choose whichever stage you find the easiest and walk through it. Remember, you can lose life, just not fire any shots. Remember, Launch Octopus Stage is impossible to do this achievement in because of the worm.

Heartless Hunter
This achievement is easiest to do on either Spark Mandrill or Boomer Kuwanger. Use Shotgun Ice to kill Spark Mandrill or Homing Torpedo on Boomer Kuwanger and you should get this in the first try. It might not be impossible for definitely very hard on bosses like Chill Penguin, Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon and Storm Eagle since they all have a way of avoiding your attacks.

Pick your favorite stage and go slow, kill stuff instead of running into it. Abuse abilities like Chameleon Sting and Rolling Shield (fully charged) to protect yourself from harm.

Will to Live
Practice, don't die more than twice during any stage.

Nerves of Steel
Avoid taking damage, getting the Armor Upgrade helps a lot, reduces damage by 50%.

Item Hater
Not killing things in the first place helps you a lot on this one. Note: It says items, not upgrades, so get those!

Unlimited Potential
This one is harder, and almost requires that you use the strongest weapon against many bosses. Remember to charge your X-Buster!

Maverick Hunter
The X-Buster is really strong, and for this Achievement you can even collect the upgrade, which will make the fully charged shot as potent as the boss' weakness.

Speed Demon
Dash and dash-jumps are your friends. Using the strongest weapon against bosses helps too. Practice running fast!

S-A Class Hunter
Practice in avoiding the bosses skills. This one is definitely the hardest of all the 60 Achievements.

The Intro Stage

The Intro stage does not exactly contain any achievements, however, there are 20 bonus challenges to do for the completionist! Completing the challenges will make Doctor Thomas Light appear for you and tell you how awesome you are and invite you to complete the rest of the achievements above. In addition you will notice that as you complete the challenges, you obtain little pieces of a picture, once finished, you can tap the upper left corner of the screen to see the picture of the Mavericks in full screen.

I suggest running through the Intro Stage several times (at least 10 :p), and every time you complete it, pick a few of the challenges you haven't done yet and try to do those (I don't know about you but I failed a few times).

The hardest challenge for me was to die to Vile. What you do is that you make sure to have only 1 life left when you face him, then as he shoots and attacks you, wait until the light spark is close, then jump into him and die.

The other one that could be hard is the speed one. A tip is to stand behind the 'copters when killing them (just run through them). Then you can continue onwards more quickly.

The item collection consists of 2 items, just after the first giant bee, slide into the hole and you will find them. Pick them up and you are good to go.

Time Attack - New game mode added after release
Time Attack
This game mode had the potential to be interesting, but it isn't really.
Especially because I'm pretty sure they messed up the ranking of it, so the longer you take, the higher you rank... What a killer. Personally I don't like this game mode, mostly because it doesn't really add any value to the game (for me). 

There's not much to say about it either, however, a few short sentences about it follows:

The game mode is all about speed. At the same time however it is vital that you kill stuff and collect the green balls that creatures drop.
Once you start playing this mode you have probably completed the game already and started working out the best ways to clear certain stages. Knowing what comes next helps a lot, especially in stages like Chill Penguin and Armored Armadillo where you often face flying monsters. When you know where they are you can shoot them so that the items fall to the ground and you can pick them up as you dash past, this will improve your speed a lot!

Survival Mode
Time has passed and the last of the three "Ranking Modes" have been released (maybe we'll see more in the future?). Survival mode is pretty simple: You select a profile ("Save Data") and then you have whatever upgraded or not version of MegaMan. You can not get life or shots back, so eventually (given that you take damage and use shots) you will die, and it is all about getting as far as possible. The maps are modified versions (basically much longer) of the standard maps with a mixture of monsters serving as obstacles. For every fifth 'floor' there is a boss (Floor 5, 10, 15 and so on), I recommend using the Boss Weakness Table earlier in this post to see what weapon you should fight them with.
As for the floors: Play this mode over a few times and you will eventually learn the maps and positions of monsters, allowing you to get further.
Good luck!

Thanks for reading
Please leave a comment below,+1 it, like it on Facebook, tweet it or whatever. Any feedback is welcome and will definitely motivate me to do more of this!


  1. man... thanks... your help me in some archivements... thanks thanks!!!

    1. No problem! Glad you enjoyed it. MegaMan X is most likely my favourite game of all time.


    3. Hi mate,

      Sorry to hear that you are unable to reach the Heart Tank. The iOS version of MegaMan X has different controls and there are some differences in the stages, but they should not be as "game breaking" as you describe here. Please contact the developers if you believe your particular version (iPad) is experiencing issues. I cannot help you I am afraid.

  2. There's one mistake in your guide, you die in the Intro stage with Vile not Sigma :)

    1. @Coldeagle: True, I'll edit it right away! Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Hi, it's a very useful guide, but i think you have another little mistake, the weakness of Vile isn't rolling shield, it's shotgun ice.

    Overall, excelent. Keep up the good work.

    1. Wops, i meant to say homing torpedo, lol, mistake after mistake.

    2. You're absolutely right, better that, thank you very much!

  4. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the Bubbly Bat to appear. :( Please, someone help!

    1. Hi Travis. The "Bubble Bat" as people call it is still in the game, right where it was in the original game. Start the Armored Armadillo stage, right after the first cart, below that hill, it is on the second thing on in the ceiling. I tested a little, it does not spawn on a new profile, even after defeating the Armored Armadillo. It does however spawn every time on my other profile where I have completed the game. Somewhere in between there must be a requirement to fulfill to make it spawn, maybe it is reaching Zigma or even beating him.
      Unfortunately it doesn't really drop anything, just a big life capsule every time, which is of course useful but not as cool as another life!

    2. It is actually possible that it does not spawn on "Easy" but only "Normal" and "Hard" mode, just a thought.

  5. Hey so I was wondering if when completing the unlimited potential achievement are you allowed to pick up the body upgrades? I.e. legs,helmet,body, and x-buster?

    1. No you cannot pick up any upgrades. This means that you have to jump over the upgrade in the Chill Penquin stage, other than that, you don't have to do much to avoid the upgrades, just don't go pick them up.

  6. The only other First Stage Accomplishment I'm having trouble with is Riding the Car to the Boss...I kill the driver, stand on the car, but it won't advance the screen. Am I doing something wrong? I've even tried letting the car ram into me, but it wont trigger the stage advance.

    1. Does the car stand completely still? Because that means you damaged the car as well and it cannot drive. You need to make sure you kill only the driver (I think that on Easy mode this is just 1 uncharged shot). To complete this achievement you want to turn off the automatic charging of the X-buster and make sure you fire only enough shots for the driver to die.
      Also, make sure the car is turned the right way. So when you arrive at the last platform after the jump, before the boss, jump down, jump over the approaching car, then kill the driver, get on the car and let it roll.
      I hope this helps :D

  7. I have completed all of the challenges except one that i am having an extremely hard time getting past and that is the drive a road attacker into the boss area... I've tried many times but every time I try the screen blocks me and pushes me off the car... help please?

    1. That sounds weird. There are three cars in the first stage, if you kill number one, then let number two turn around and only kill the driver, jump on it and ride it, charge a shot for the third one and fire when you see it, you will drive right into the boss area. Just tried again, and it still works.
      If not, I don't know what the issue could be.

  8. Does anyone else notice that after you beat Chill Penguin and after you beat Flame Mammoth that his lava doesn't go cold and still boils making it freggin imposable to get that last heart? HELP!

    1. Unlike in the original game SNES, some maps just doesn't change at all. But for this particular issue, what you do is that you make sure that you're not dead yet when you reach where the heart would be, then you just walk back, go into the fire and dash to the heart, pick it up, and get back up again. Even if you don't survive that, as long as you get the heart, you got it. You don't have to go get it.

  9. Help.. Cannot seem to get the heart booster from electric mandrill

    1. Hi Cheah,

      This is by far the hardest to get as it requires you to dash-jump off the wall underneath it and then turn around to latch onto the platform it's on.

      Here's a video of how it's done, I hope it helps. It will take some practice:
      Notice how he sets off at the spark-thing in the wall, this is the place you want to jump from!

  10. Hi friend!
    I have a problem with 1 of 60 achievements.
    I already got all of them, but the trouble here is that on the GameCenter account appears 59 of 60 achievements...
    At the begining I though it was a secret achievement and then I realized they were all because I counted them (60 achievements). I have already several days waiting for an uploading but not at all.

    If you know why is it please tell me!
    Regards! MEGAMAN FANS!

    1. Hi Miki

      Sadly I have no good suggestions here as the issue seems to be related to iOS/GameCenter.

      My bad suggestion: Try the achievements again? Maybe this will solve the problem and allow your MegaMan achievements to be displayed correctly in GameCenter.

      Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated :)

  11. hi! So for the achievement of item hater, do you have to start a new game? and do you also have to avoid the items on the intro stage? and for the S-A class Hunter, if you take damage do you have to start a new game or can you just quit the level and start it again?

    1. Hi Kilik

      I do apologize to respond so late, but just in case anyone else is reading:

      Yes you have to start a new and avoid items in the intro stage (which you want to do anyway, since you have to lose life before Sigma picks you up).

      Remember that once you have an achievement/item, you can quit the stage and continue playing somewhere else. So it's not that much effort :D

      I hope you already found out about this.

      All the best!